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Blue Hotel Crane

blue hotel crane

    blue hotel
  • Blue Hotel is an album by Fox released in 1977.

  • "The Blue Hotel" is a short story by American author Stephen Crane (1871-1900). The story first appeared in the 1899 collection entitled The Monster and Other Stories.

  • Stretch out one's neck in order to see something

  • Grus: a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix

  • Move (a heavy object) with a crane

  • United States writer (1871-1900)

  • Stretch out (one's neck) in this way

  • stretch (the neck) so as to see better; "The women craned their necks to see the President drive by"

blue hotel crane - LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic Mini Mobile Crane 8067

LEGO Technic Mini Mobile Crane 8067

This compact mobile crane is packed with functions ? just like the real thing! Steer it into position and then raise, lower, turn and extend the boom to lift heavy loads. Remember to extend the outriggers to stabilize it for big jobs! Rebuilds into a tow truck.

Features include:

•2-in-1 model: Rebuilds into a tow truck
•Realistic boom action: Raises, lowers, extends and turns, and the hook can be raised and lowered
•Steer it into place and then extend the outriggers so it doesn?t tip
•Measures 8" long
•292 elements

79% (14)

The Blue Sky Hotel

The Blue Sky Hotel

Excuse me - HOTEL. I think because I rarely stay in hotels I wrote "motel" initially.

The Blue Sky Hotel

The track was long and dusty
Jostled down the loamy lane
A green gate gaping open
Blue Sky Hotel patrons welcomed

They see you creeping at a distance
The trail of dust a greeting banner
Anticipating a new arrival of old friends
Waiting for all the gang joyously interminable

I’m only a newcomer to this shrub and steppe
But I certainly love it much as the next
I know what waits at that water tower
A Nomadic family that would make Genghis cower

The tiresome crawl finally complete
“Let me out of this of this blasted fleet!”
Necks craning to see who’s here
Delightful fragrant sageland ever clear

The birds always meet you first
Sage Thrashers cavorting perch to perch
The Brewer’s churring in habitual obligation
Blackbird, gull, and heron excitations

A crypto crust will green with rain
Sweet swath of natural land in dusty plain
Grease wood, rabbit brush, and big sage reign
Saved from bovine grazing, for the sane

Approach those people waiting
To give you hugs and welcome greeting
Some you haven’t seen for years
A reason good as any to open a beer

Dogs kick up the soil in excitement
The ride after all seemed longer to them
Bounding amongst the brush
Laying in the dirt in the sheer thrill of freedom

Almost immediately one with the powder too
You amble your way to that tent
The one whose doors are always open
The canvassed Blue Sky Hotel

There your fellow minds are gathered
Distrustful of wistful, crooked manage
Full of anger over wrongs done to this planet
But striving forward and stubborn, damn it

A particularly commanding fellow
The crowd gathered about him
Gfaws of serious baritone
The glow of the forever young in his eye

We came here because of him
We found friends in his mentorship
Taught you how to think it through
He warmly welcomes you back again

Pressurized beers pop open from coastal travel
We all hoot at the old stories
New ones repeated in gleeful giggles
Gathered round the fire we sing


Hazy heads are scratched too early
Thrashers and sun raise the dead
Never feel bad the next day at MABO
You’re sure you drank the whole keg

A cup of jo to swab the deck
Breakfast enjoyed with some to spare
Fresh baked goods from solar rays
A magical way to start the day

Explore the hills from morn to noon
Ramble through volcanic loops
Central patrol with ponds a plenty
Raptor alley’s alighted gentry

Then come back to see your friends
Do the devilish downing once again
A weekend spent in selfish revel
Sharing life with naturalist fellows

Soon your time has come and gone
The hotels closed till next season
Goodbyes a plenty, bitter sweet
Next year’ll track in soon with dusty feet

gm 02832 Waterfront Hotel Construction in Macau 1983

gm 02832 Waterfront Hotel Construction in Macau 1983

New waterfront hotel under construction at Macau in 1983.
As is common in the Orient during such construction, it is covered with bamboo scaffolding.
This would eventually become the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and there shoreline would be completely filled in by landfill.

blue hotel crane

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